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ternational community, national and brothers Salvadorans abroad, the next PRESS PRESS, the president of this entity and President of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF INDIGENOUS SACRED LAND "ANITISA" entity that seeks to consolidate a new way of life of the inhabitants of our Indigenous brothers Nahuath, Lenca and Maya at all the country, and this has a struggle so far by the Inalienable Rights of Indigenous Peoples in El Salvador and other peoples existing in our mother land around the planet, we do OUR POSITION AS PUBLIC DESCENDANTS OF INDIGENOUS PEOPLES IN EL SALVADOR TO THREATS TO THE LORD OF COURSE FLORES RAFAEL FOREIGN BROTHER MAKES OUR BROTHER RAUL CORTEZ JOSE VASQUEZ:

That before the last elections of Mayors and Representatives 2012/2015 our brother CORTEZ JOSE RAUL VASQUEZ, RAFAEL FLORES met the Lord who urge you to participate in the aforementioned, to which he promised to pay him a salary of THREE HUNDRED FIFTY 00/100 DOLLARS monthly from the month of May 2010 which also seek brothers and I ask people to integrate also earning wages above and giving the president of our organization Social Development projects for the communities that our organization is in the Department of Sonsonate. - That agreement to the offer and formed groups THE FRIEND OF RAFAEL FLORES 'S A GREAT FRIEND OF SONSONATECOS, it was agreed that Mr. RAFAEL FLORES boost his candidacy for Congress Owner CORTEZ JOSE RAUL VASQUEZ and accompany him as a Candidate alternate, because he was and what he repeated a covenant man and servant of God and in our communities began to meetings which were presented to community leaders Resume, Santa Catarina Masahuath, Acajutla, so asking them to our partners cell phone numbers to contact them directly and work already done in these communities appeared on the Lord Col. ERNESTO GONZALEZ JORGE SEGURA, accompanying the bid of the Lord Deputy Flores Owner, without consulting with our bases which to view this situation that the Lord RAFAEL FLORES, was unreliable opted to wait for the above had been offered a salary THREE HUNDRED FIFTY 00/100 DOLLARS monthly which never came to fruition our leaders so far,,, in one of his visits to our communities will accompany Mrs. Susan Sahim, who pledged to open Data Centers in Counties Indians of Costa Azul, Metalio and her Abroad we witness that he is a very humane, she sent us a letter we stated that we would provide 20 computers for each computer center to be opened in the month of October 2011 and we shipping requirements which fulfill them to send us the information it requested, but having now about the political campaign, Mr. Flores, and as Deputy for Candidate Abroad, intermediate, because these were carried out but did not favor of our association but in favor of a candidate for Mayor of the Municipality of Resume, who became his mistress and before it annulling the project agreed between the parties SUSAN Sahim - ANITISA and ADECOAS. -

The ignorance and violation of freedom of expression does not leave hope of that Rafael Flores and as a candidate for deputy Resume, money order all candidates to deputies both owners and alternates were forbidden to make political campaign propaganda or because only was authorized by the Supreme Electoral Tribunal. TSE and was the only one who could send her figure propaganda Communities and municipalities, beginning to discriminate and denigrate our brother who represents our indigenous sector, not to make propaganda campaign or in communities,,, , Because if you invited a community never gave him the opportunity to speak to the locals but only mentioned the name but had no participation whatsoever of the shares on Channel 29 where he was invited but was never given the opportunity to address Sonsonateca population. - The brothers abroad we state that the Lord above consecutively in an effort to seize the social foundations of our partnership began making gifts to our brother RAUL CORTEZ JOSE VASQUEZ, getting this one cell Phone Brand Blackverry, which only had it a month because one of the goings are paid it off which never returned it because I leave it to one of his mistresses he had in San Salvador because in the next week brought another and ultimately this came into the hands of his brother EDUARDO CALDERON who covers all proesas behind his loving sister, besides these little things kept promises and demanded to every call that is sent to make shirts with his picture which were ordered to be printed 300 shirts at a unit value of $ 1.90 c / u, with a picture where he had traveled to Turkey but until now not been canceled and the amount of FIVE HUNDRED SEVENTY 00/100 DOLLARS and other debts We leave without pay as are loans of small amounts that the said pay to get to the country, internet (5 months) promises followed the agenda: To feel the support of our communities RAFAEL FLORES Lord continued with his lies to our leader by offering to take him to Nassau County, New York, United States of America, and visa expenses paid to the Celebration SALVADORAN AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL DAY 2 to 5 August 2011 where he promised to give recognition for its work which we call the brothers abroad AMBASSADOR OF INDIGENOUS PEOPLES OF EL SALVADOR, with an invitation letter a few days to do the paperwork in the respective U.S. Embassy, but the other guests such as politicians ARENA, FMLN mayors and Deputies took the limo to the event being walked and we just left us deceived, then in the month of September 2011 entry into the country bringing two computers by way of donation to our Association, which came without hard drives damaged and no other parts, the above were sent for repair by our entity as being in good condition the Lord RAFAEL FLORES, the requested loan to be used for work during his campaign and return them to complete these in good condition , which was not so because the day Monday, March 12 our brother JOSE RAUL CORTEZ VASQUEZ, she appeared at the party headquarters to take personal property and computers had been stolen and given to one of her lovers call ALICE MORAN one of many, being abused and beaten by a man named Martin (Jackie Chan), who coodinacion with CARLOS MORAN (Cuñado Alicia Moran's brother) would not let him go in order of RAFAEL FLORES, threatening him with death, giving 24 hours to disappear from the Department of Sonsonate, to this our brother had to leave without telling his family of his whereabouts for fear of reprisals against his family. - Given the above facts our brother tried to talk with RAFAEL FLORES who denied the problem I had with people above and instead of finding a solution to our brother told him that all the messages he was sending the police were investigating. - And finally promised promises to deliver toys children of the association and campaigned ANITISA collection of 27 boxes containing toys and stuffed animals outside the brothers living in Nassau County, New York, and wanted to introduce the country as luggage, opting to introduce through the ADESCO WILLOW since had an affair with the Candidate Resume Mayor of ANITISA rather than those who had made representations through ABCOSAL ANITISA member organization, as they can not be introduced began to slander the communities that was our brother I was trying to keep the toys and would not deliver them, which is why we have records we send to the Legislature a piece of correspondence to exempt entry corresponding taxes, obtaining a legislative decree No. 1022 dated 22-03 - 2012, according to Official Gazette No. 75, the day 4/25/2012, having us to wait until now because they have not been able to take because you have to pay the Warehouse in ECA amounting to a sum of ELEVEN THOUSAND NINE HUNDRED AND 00/100 DOLLARS up this date, for the Lord RAFAEL FLORES do not cancel in time to get them off the Customs value ignoring us if siblings abroad had provided funds to the respective formalities of introduction of the above.


1). - Recall and denounce to the international community, national, the Government of the United States of America, countries, friends and brothers abroad, deceit, dishonesty, hatred, cynicism, selfishness, spite, envy, and the action taken by the Lord RAFAEL FLORES using the name of our brothers abroad to deceive our brothers in El Salvador, which is further from the reality that live the most vulnerable in our territory. –

2). - It is sad and painful to talk about social change in our country if we are violent and restricts the right to freedom of expression and participation policy from the Lord RAFAEL FLORES a brother far off course and as stated our CONSTITUTION OF THE REPUBLIC in PART II, FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS AND WARRANTIES OF THE PERSON, Chapter I, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS AND REGIMEN OF EMERGENCY; SECTION FIRST, Individual Rights, Article 2 Everyone has the right to life, physical and moral integrity, to liberty, security, work, own property, to be protected in the conservation and defense of them. The right to honor, to privacy to personal and family self-image. Compensation shall be provided, under the Act for moral damage. Section 3, All persons are equal before the law, for the enjoyment of their civil rights may be exercised no restrictions based on differences in nationality, race, sex or religion.

3). - We condemn and denounce the discrimination made by Mr. RAFAEL FLORES our indigenous population because the Declaration violent Rights of Indigenous Peoples and our Constitution of the Republic in its Article 8 No one is forced to do what the law does not require or to forgo it does not prohibit it, Article 9 No one can be compelled to perform work or provide personal services without due remuneration and without his full consent, except in cases of public calamity and others identified by the Act, Section 11 No person shall be deprived of right to life, liberty, property and possession, or any other of their rights without first being heard and judged in with under Laws and can not be tried twice for the same cause.

4). - We condemn and denounce the irresponsibility, deceit, hatred, cynicism, selfishness, envy, hypocrisy of the Lord RAFAEL FLORES, is demonstrated before sexual psychopathy that he had failed to invest in because the political campaign to come to power without it will cost invest and invest campaigning really high and some fail to achieve the desired results, because funds are not destined for the campaign but to please the ladies which was related to the funds sent by his family and to be frustrated with no hope of being eligible seek the way to let our people deceived those who have not paid them for their work, such as pay, wages, radio spots and television. -

5). - HONORABLE denounce and call upon the Supreme Electoral Tribunal, TSE, which at the violation of the Election Code, discrimination and coercion made by Mr. RAFAEL FLORES candidates for Deputies and Deputy for the Department of Sonsonate National Liberal Party, PNL in the last political campaign, by denying them the right to express themselves freely and ask for the vote to be elected for office us as violent Salvadoran law. - To which we ask that in future elections Lord said he investigated before being enrolled, and who wants to be candidate for President of the Republic and is a major discriminator and violator of human rights in practice and that violates the Constitution and Electoral Code of the Republic of El Salvador.

6). Call and we declare to the Government of the United States of America, brethren abroad, friendly governments, NGOs have RAFAEL FLORES supported the Lord, that our firm has no link with the above, for the reasons outlined above because the Lord wanted to try to solve the problems that left our association nor to answer for the goods our brother's personal CORTEZ JOSE RAUL VASQUEZ and office equipment and accessories from our association and we ask the authorities such as Interpol, FBI and other agencies for the defense of Human Rights, embassies and the international community to investigate deeply acts to which Mr. RAFAEL FLORES dedicated and responsive to the beatings, abuse and injury to his rib our brother that he was subjected by the people who were under his command and already denounced and responsible actor Mr. RAFAEL FLORES Intellectual any act against our brother JOSE CORTEZ RAUL VASQUEZ and his family. -

As the initiative of the Indigenous Development Association SALVADORAN ANCIENT PEOPLES, "ADISPA" is that all other indigenous organizations that conform to this act are pronounced that we are denouncing. - The struggle continues, our ancestors and grandparents ANASTASIO AQUINO, JOSE FELICIANO AMA, Francisco Sanchez, Macario Canizalez, students Zapata, Farabundo Marti, and others live in the heart of the indigenous peoples of Cuscatlan. - (now El Salvador)


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DEL ESCRITORIO DEL EJECUTIVO DEL CONDADO DE SUFFOLK- Ejecutivo Bellone se reúne con Cónsul General de México en NY, Carlos M Sada

Press Release
Description: Description: cid:image001.png@01CD5F75.3B7CF630

H. Lee Dennison Building
100 Veterans Memorial Highway
P.O. Box 6100
Hauppauge, New York 11788-0099
(631) 853-4000

Steven Bellone

July 17, 2012
Contact Information:
Vanessa B. Streeter
(Office) 631-853-7801
(Cell) 631-885-2298

Ejecutivo Bellone se reúne con Cónsul General de México en NY, Carlos M Sada

Hauppauge, NY- El ejecutivo del condado de Suffolk, Steven Bellone, se reunió con el Cónsul General de México en Nueva York, Carlos M Sada, con el fin de conocer en detalle los programas que el consulado está llevando a cabo en Long Island. El ejecutivo aprovechó para presentar puntos de su agenda comunitaria y discutir los recientes nombramientos a la junta de derechos humanos del condado de dos reconocidos líderes de la comunidad inmigrante de Suffolk.

A la reunión también asistieron miembros de la comunidad Mexicana-Americana de Suffolk.

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Clearly, Bellone is no Levy on immigration

Clearly, Bellone is no Levy on immigration

July 14, 2012 8:40 PM By RICK BRAND
Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone, above, backed Anthony
Photo credit: Howard Schnapp | Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone, above, backed Anthony Manetta, a political strategist and fundraiser, for IDA chief executive. (Dec. 20, 2011)

Rick Brand

Portrait of Newsday reporter Rick Brand taken onRick Brand
Rick Brand is a longtime Newsday reporter who writes about
For much of the past decade, when Steve Levy was Suffolk County executive, any mention of immigrant activist Luis Valenzuela usually elicited a combative response.
But last month without a word of debate, Valenzuela, executive director of the Long Island Immigrant Alliance, an immigrant rights group in Amityville, was confirmed unanimously by the county legislature as a member of the Suffolk County Human Rights Commission, one of two new appointments made by Levy's successor, Steve Bellone.
Levy critics say he used the issue to attack foes as soft on illegal immigration and to gain a national platform, through television appearances with conservative pundits, including Lou Dobbs. They credit Bellone with largely defusing the issue locally. The tenor has so changed that Bellone next weekend will be grand marshal ofBrentwood's Puerto Rican Day Parade, which draws tens of thousands of people.
"He's made it a nonissue," said Legis. Edward Romaine (R-Center Moriches). "Levy made immigration an issue at the local level -- knowing there was little that you can do -- to stir up passions for political advantage and make a name for himself for higher office."
Romaine said there was no opposition to Valenzuela's appointment because he "has gained the respect of a lot of legislators . . . Whether you agree with him or not, you listen to him."
Levy, a Republican, calls Valenzuela "an articulate gentleman. But he is as far left as they come in the illegal immigration lobby. Steve [Bellone] said my opposition to illegal immigration was divisive, but in his quest to be liked by everyone he is capitulating to those who want to surrender on the issue."
Valenzuela, 60, declined to respond to Levy: "What's significant is that we're moving forward, and there's no need to dwell on the past."
He said he hopes his contribution will be "to bring a sense that everyone who's a resident of the county should count."
Rabbi Steven Moss, the commission's chairman for 21 years, said he expects Valenzuela to be a "very powerful advocate for his community . . . and the rights of everyone." Bellone in his first months in office has "demonstrated his respect for the commission and its independence."
Moss, whose temple is in Oakdale, also noted that Bellone has shifted control of the county's anti-bias task force, previously an arm of Levy's office, to the commission. Moss said that while there was "never any interference" from Levy, his administration "wanted to be more aware and on top of what we were doing."
The Rev. Alan Ramirez, an outspoken Latino advocate who is preparing to retire as pastor of Brookville Reformed Church, said he is disappointed Bellone, a Democrat, has not "cleaned house" and replaced the entire commission since many in the immigrant community saw it as "the former executive's puppet." While Bellone named Valenzuela and Luis Rodriguez, a Salvadoran-born attorney from St. James, as new members, he also reappointed three other current commissioners, who serve pro bono.
Luis Montes, a Bellone minority affairs aide, said the county executive will file appointments of another five members by the next legislative meeting on Aug. 7. That would give the 15-member body a full complement for the first time in years. Montes said he could not say how many will be new to the commission.
Ramirez said many in the minority community are willing to give Bellone "the benefit of the doubt" in the short term because of the contrast to Levy and the county's fiscal woes.
"We haven't seen great strikes from Bellone, but sometimes being quiet is a step forward," Ramirez said. But ultimately, Bellone will "need to be more . . . vocal on what it means to integrate the immigrant community into the fabric of Suffolk County," Ramirez said. "You just can't remain quiet."

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Fri, Jul 13, 2012
The rumor mill has been spinning with potential candidates to replace retiring State Senator Owen Johnson.  Most of the candidate names have been from Islip Town: Boyle, Cilmi, Cochrane, Bergin-Weichbrodt — even Tom Croci.  But there’s a dark horse out there that many maybe overlooking.
As City and State reported in a January 2012 article titled Potential GOP Replacement for Sen. Owen Johnson Emerges, a Babylon Town Councilman may emerge as a possible Republican replacement.  And that candidate is:Lindsay P. Henry.
In January, Lindsay, who was elected in 2001, told City and State that he’s definitely going to try for the seat if Johnson does retire.“My intention is to run for the seat,” Henry is reported saying.
Though the title of the article suggests that Lindsay Henry is a Republican, he is not.  He’s a registered Independence Party member and would need the GOP’s Wilson-Pakula endorsement.  Something he receives to run for Babylon Town Council.  And, as columnist Karl Grossman pointed out after the 2011 election, “… the Independence Party [line] was critical in a good number of races in Suffolk County in [the] last election—in both western and eastern Suffolk.” (Read his op/ed here.)
It may be an out-of-the-box move, but Lindsay P. Henry is a white-collar guy, with a working-class resume  — he was a commercial fisherman — and a Tea Party name.  (His middle initial P stands for Patrick, as in Lindsay “Patrick Henry.”)
Henry might be the perfect “GOP” candidate to replace Johnson in a Senate district which has grown increasingly less Republican over the years.
So, who do you think should take Senator Owen Johnson’s place on the GOP Ticket?  Leave your suggestion in the comment box below.

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