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Mangano aide's remarks spark complaints

Este es el video:

Legis. Robert Troiano questioned the selection of John DeGrace to the NCC Board. He asked why Mangano chose to replace Rich Gutierrez an attorney and Latino on the board of a community college that serves a large minority population. A Mangano Administration official stated he doesn't care about whether Hispanics are represented on the board.

Como dijo el asistente de Mangano sobre hispanos: "I don't care"…  Quitaron a un hispano de la junta y cuando se les cuestiono simplemente dijeron que no les importaba...

Mangano aide's remarks spark complaints

Tuesday February 26, 2013 5:25 PM By Celeste Hadrick
Legislative liaison Greg May stepped into a hornet's nest Monday as he attempted to deflect a Democratic attack on Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano’s appointment of a new trustee to the Nassau Community College Board.
Legis. Robert Troiano (D-Westbury) questioned why Mangano was replacing Richard Gutierrez, a Hispanic trustee whose term had expired, with John DeGrace, former Nassau Republican elections commissioner and Valley Stream GOP executive leader. How many Hispanics are on the college board of trustees? Troiano asked at Monday's meeting of the legislature.
“I don’t care...” May said. Members of the packed crowd gasped and oohed, drowning out the rest of his sentence. Barely audible was May’s response: “I don’t care how many members are Hispanic. It’s not a criteria of this administration....'
Troiano snapped back, “I think that’s part of the problem with this administration. Not only is that not a criteria, it’s not even a consideration.”
Mangano “ought to be mindful there is a large population of Hispanic students that attend Nassau Community College," Troiano added. "The board is responsible for looking out for those students. For you to say he doesn’t care....”
May objected, “Race is not consideration of anything we do here. You’re twisting my words around.”
But the damage was done. Democrats Tuesday morning issued a press release that said the Mangano administration “rejects diversity.” It also posted a shortened video clip of the exchange on YouTube.
May responded by email Tuesday: "The Democrats' efforts to slander my character by taking my words out of context are outright offensive.”
He noted that Mangano appointed a prominent Hispanic, Jorge Gardyn, to serve as vice chairman of the board -- the highest position ever held by a Hispanic-American on the college board.
Two Democrats came to May’s defense.
Legis. Judy Jacobs (D-Woodbury) said, "I feel bad for Greg. He used a poor choice of words at a very volatile meeting. All he meant was we don’t care about a person’s color of their skin or their background. We care about a person's ability to do a job.”
Minority Leader Kevan Abrahams (D-Freeport) said, “I think it came out the wrong way. I don’t believe that Greg has any sort of racist thoughts. He's worked with all of us and helped all of us in our districts."

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Milagro en Nassau? No, es un espejismo...

In Nassau, Marlin mocks Maragos' 'miracle' as a mirage

6:00 PM By Dan Janison
NIFA's George Marlin, left, issues a new critique
Photo credit: Chris Ware | NIFA's George Marlin, left, issues a new critique of a Mangano administration fiscal proposal.
From George Marlin, the most outspoken member of the Nassau Interim Finance Authority, comes this statement on Comptroller George Maragos' and other GOP officials'  professions of a budget "surplus":
The County Comptroller’s declaration that Nassau ended fiscal year 2012 with a “miraculous” surplus was absurd. It was a mirage, not a miracle.
I am shocked that after 3 years in office the Comptroller does not yet understand that a budget is balanced only when tax and fee income is equal to expenditures.
The claim that the County will end 2012 with a $25.5 million surplus was not measured on a GAAP basis, which is required by the NIFA statute, and was contrived by fiscal gimmicks that do not address the County’s structural deficit.
In 2012, the County kicked the fiscal time-bomb down the road by not paying $72 million in tax cert refunds, deferring $32 million in pension costs through the system’s amortization option, used $40 million in bonded termination costs and used $17 million from closed-out capital projects which had previously been funded through borrowings.
No one should be surprised that the County continues to ignore inconvenient fiscal facts. Let’s face it, the County has forfeited its credibility when it comes to fiscal matters. Lest we forget:
- The County claimed it ended fiscal year 2010 with a balanced budget. This was false. The County had to borrow to cover revenue shortfalls.
- The County claimed as late as August 5, 2011 that its budget for that year was balanced. It was reported in News Times that the County CFO told the legislature that day, “the County will have a balanced budget in 2011 and if the Nassau County Interim Finance Authority continues to say otherwise, the State Authority should tell the County how to bring it into balance…‘I know the budget is balanced when a big four audit company signs off on it.’” The County actually ended the 2011 fiscal year with $173.4 million GAAP deficit and a $50.4 million cash deficit.
- The County was legally required to cut $150 million in recurring expenses in fiscal year 2012. The County failed to comply with this requirement and it had projected last fall that the 2012 fiscal year the County would incur a $139 million GAAP deficit and a $25 million cash deficit.
And now the County wants us to believe they have suddenly incurred in 2012 a surplus?
As for its 2013 budget, it is a classic election year document designed to deceive voters. To get by in 2013, the County is ignoring the white elephant in County Hall—Commercial Property Tax Cert refunds. Only $18 million in refunds have been approved for fiscal 2013. These dollars will be allocated primarily to settle residential claims (a/k/a voters). Meanwhile, the backlog in Commercial Real Estate Tax Cert claims continues to grow. The County Comptroller’s office has estimated that the backlog on December 31, 2010 totaled $150 million; $223 million at the end of 2011; $306 at the end of 2012 and is projected to grow to $388 million in 2013. Other experts have suggested the number could be as high as $500 million by the end of this year.
Obviously the County has learned nothing since the control period began two years ago. This may explain why the County’s ratings have been downgraded and may very well be downgraded again.

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Asambleísta Ramos honra a destacados líderes locales de la comunidad Afro-Americana en la Segunda Celebración del Mes de la Historia de las personas de Raza Negra

Imágenes integradas 1

Para Distribución Inmediata                                                                                                             Contacto: Phil Ramos
Miércoles 6 de Febreo de 2012                                                                                                         Teléfono: 631-435-3214                  

Boletín de Prensa

Asambleísta Ramos honra a destacados líderes locales de la comunidad Afro-Americana en la Segunda Celebración del Mes de la Historia de las personas de Raza Negra

El asambleísta Phil Ramos (D-Bay Shore)  sostendrá el  segundo evento Anual de la Celebración del Mes de la historia  de las personas de  Raza Negra  para lo cual estará honrando con reconocimientos a destacados líderes locales de la comunidad Afro-Americana del 6º Distrito de la Asamblea Estatal de Nueva York. El orador invitado del evento será Adam Clayton Powell IV, ex Asambleísta Estatal, ex Concejal de la ciudad de Nueva York e hijo del  líder histórico por los derechos civiles Adan Clayton Powell Jr.

Invita: Asambleísta Estatal Phil Ramos

Orador Invitado: Adam Clayton Powell IV

Personalidades Reconocidas:

Helen Moss,                      Presidente de la Junta de Educación de Brentwood                                      
                  Obispo Donald Hudson, pastor de la iglesia Common Ground
Bárbara Ford,                   activista comunitario (Reconocimiento  póstumo)

Cuándo:        Viernes, 08 de febrero 2013
Hora:              18:00-19:30
Dónde:          Biblioteca de Brentwood
Ubicada en:  34 Second Avenue
                                     Brentwood NY 11717

Para obtener más información, comuníquese con la oficina del distrito de asamblea en 631-435-3214

Nassau Dems: Probe Mangano campaign funds


Nassau Dems: Probe Mangano campaign funds

February 6, 2013 by CELESTE HADRICK / celeste.hadrick@newsday.com
Nassau Democrats have asked the state attorney general
Nassau Democrats have asked the state attorney general to conduct a criminal investigation into their allegations that County Executive Edward Mangano illegally collected and spent thousands of dollars in campaign donations.
While a Mangano spokesman denied the allegations, Democratic chairman Jay JacobsWednesday filed complaints with Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman and the State Board of Elections.
Jacobs alleged the Republican county executive took more than $70,000 above legal limits from 15 corporations, including some that do business with the county. He also contended that Mangano and his chief deputy, Rob Walker, who runs the Hicksville Republican Club, did not provide legally required explanations for more than $120,000 of "in-kind" noncash contributions or for about $100,000 in reimbursements to Walker, spokesman Brian Nevin and another county employee.

Nevin responded, "All campaign contributions were properly reported and the campaign will take the necessary steps to address any contributions that exceeded the cap. That being said, Jay Jacobs is purely sour over the fact that residents and businesses throughout Nassau support Ed Mangano for freezing county property taxes for three straight years . . ." while helping save and create private-sector jobs."This is not about petty, small or picky technical violations," Jacobs said Wednesday. "This is a pattern of gross violations that when looked at collectively paint the picture of an obvious intent to violate the election law without detection."
Mangano, whose campaign has $2.2 million in the bank, is running for re-election this fall.
Jacobs' complaint amends a similar one he filed with the state elections board in September that contended Mangano and Walker illegally used the Hicksville Republican club as a secret, unreported source of contributions to Mangano's campaign.
A State Board of Elections spokesman declined to comment then and also Wednesday.
Jacobs' attorney Steven Schlesinger wrote to Schneiderman that the first complaint "languished" at the elections board. "We believe your office has jurisdiction over the claims therein, including the right and obligation to prosecute the criminal violations" of the election law, he wrote.
Schneiderman spokesman James Freedland Wednesday confirmed receipt of the complaint but declined to comment.
Though Looks Great Services Inc. was not among the companies listed in the complaint, Democratic spokesman Michael Florio said the tree-debris removal firm also went over the limit by donating $10,745 to Mangano last year. He said the Mangano campaign improperly listed the Huntington company as a partnership, which is not subject to the $5,000 limit, even though the secretary of state says it is a corporation.
Nassau has awarded nearly $70 million in superstorm Sandy cleanup work to Looks Great, which uses dozens of subcontractors from around the country. Looks Great spokeswoman Risa Heller said the company "inadvertently donated an amount of money above the corporate gift limit to the Mangano campaign. They have asked for the money in excess of the limit to be returned."