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¿Y qué dice el flamante presidente del consejo consultivo de Levy? ¿O será que entre tanto bailongo y proclamaciones no ha tenido tiempo de sentarse a ver el impacto del presupuesto de Levy a la comunidad hispana? ¿Cuáles son las obligaciones del consejo?

Levy propone cerrar centros de atención, botar a 710 personas y poner más de 3500 víctimas de abuso infantil en peligro. ¿Y dónde está el "puente" de la comunidad hispana con el ejecutivo? ¿Qué propuesta han dado? ¿Como pretenden aconsejar a Levy para evitar los recortes? Que ideas "nuevas y frescas" traen a la mesa de negociación.

Bien dice el bachi es que ser un líder comunitario no es para hocicones.

Lo cual es cierto que tanto la administración de Levy en Suffolk y su colega Mangano en Nassau, en lo que respecta a los asuntos hispanos, son el sueño de un dentista. Trabajar con un par de muelas.

Some fear Levy's cuts will end services
October 17, 2011 by RICK BRAND AND PAUL LAROCCO /,

Some of County Executive Steve Levy's top commissioners warned Monday of the severe impact of his $2.7 billion budget, saying the spending plan would "cripple" their ability to provide services.

Top health and social services officials said proposed cuts, including 710 layoffs, will shut down social service centers, halt water testing at beaches, end pollution investigations and put 3,500 potential child abuse victims at risk.

Robert Tomarken, the Suffolk health commissioner, warned that the department will be hampered in everything from responding to outbreaks of communicable diseases to performing annual restaurant inspections. Tomarken said he was not consulted on the cuts.

"The department has . . . emerged from a period of turbulence due to state aid funding issues and will be entering an even darker period of chaos and uncertainty," he said. "This will be the end of the county health department as we know it today."

Another Levy appointee, Social Services Commissioner Gregory Blass called the elimination of 295 departmental jobs -- 124 through layoffs -- "impossible to absorb" because public assistance rolls and the number of homeless continue to rise. Levy's budget, he said, "will literally cripple this department."

The hearings followed warnings by legislative budget analysts last week that Levy's budget, even with the layoffs, is out of balance by $135.2 million. Levy maintains his budget is balanced and his revenue estimates are sound.

"There would be no need for departmental layoffs if the unions would agree to contribute toward their health plan coverage, as does most everyone in the private sector," Levy said in a statement Monday. "We hope legislators will now pressure the unions to negotiate this reasonable concession."

But County Attorney Christine Malafi, one of Levy's most loyal appointees, called on lawmakers to reverse the layoffs of two attorneys who work in Family Court, "to make sure children don't get hurt." She said Levy had not consulted her about cuts to the office.

District Attorney Thomas Spota testified that Levy's move to cut 27 positions in his office -- including 15 through layoffs -- would hamper the office's efforts to keep up with a growing load of cases, including those involving gangs and drugs. "The bottom line is I need more, not less, investigators," Spota said.

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