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Undocumented Immigrants Paid $11.2 Billion in Taxes in 2010!

Undocumented Immigrants Paid $11.2 Billion in Taxes in 2010!

Undocumented Immigrants Paid $11.2 BILLION

As many of us who participating in the immigration debate already knew, undocumented immigrants contribute a lot to this country. In 2010, they contributed approximately $11.2 billion dollars, despite the fact that most Americans believe their being undocumented prevents them from paying into the system.

The point is, the majority of Americans are wrong, and a lot of that has to do with the stories that are told in the media. Stories about how undocumented immigrants are criminals and scammers. A belief of convenience, since most of these individuals have probably never known an undocumented immigrant.

But worse than the belief that undocumented immigrants are ‘bad’ by nature, is the belief that corporations make this country better by ‘growing the economy’. Despite popular belief, corporations and corporate dollars are not the mechanisms that propel this country forward, although I’m sure they would love to take all the credit for any success that Americans create for themselves.

The problem is that many corporations are taking money out of our economy and we’ve barely made a peep about it. It wasn’t until recently that American started standing up and asking corporations to explain their choices. Movements from the 99% are on the rise, and I for one am glad that somebody is watching and listening for the first time in decades.

Wondering what exactly corporations contribute to the American economy? Check out these 10 Big Companies That Pay No Taxes.

Read about how GE received tax credits of $3.2 billion from American taxpayers at Think Progress.



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