viernes, 15 de junio de 2012

The White House declares relief for DREAMers

The White House declares relief for DREAMers

The Associated Press just broke news that the administration will grant relief from deportations to DREAMers, and provide a pathway to work permits.
The road to today's announcement was built on the courage and dedication of DREAMers and grassroots organizations, fighting for years for justice for our families.

We are grateful for the bravery of activists across the country and their commitment to demanding real relief for immigrant youth. Their fearless work made today's news a reality.

To honor this announcement, we will deliver a card to the White House with your message, thanking President Obama for keeping his promise of real relief. Add your name and message now.

The fight for the national DREAM Act and national reform continues -- but today's news means the promise of relief for an estimated one million DREAMers will be made real. 

Dear President Obama,
On behalf of immigrant families across the country, thank you for announcing today that the administration will end deportations of DREAMers. We are grateful that the administration will uphold the promise of real relief for nearly one million immigrant youth

Estimado Presidente Obama,
En nombre de las familias inmigrantes de todo el país, gracias por anunciar hoy que la administración va a poner fin a las deportaciones de los soñadores. Estamos agradecidos de que la administración mantendrá la promesa de un alivio real de casi un millón de jóvenes inmigrantes.

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