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BIOGRAPHY OF A BOHEMIAN, DREAMER AND CRAZY ... one more of the handyman honored in Hempstead.

Jorge Guzman Rodriguez was born on May 9, 1962 in a small town which is today known as Villa de Santo Tomas in San Salvador Republic of El Salvador, Central America.

His academic preparation took place in his native El Salvador. He Graduated from The National School of Commerce (ENCO) and pursued university studies in accounting and public auditing in the University José Simeon Cañas.

His work experience was initiated in 1979 at the age of 17 years, working for a firm of audit and accounting in the afternoons while he was in his second year of high school, then when he graduated in 1981, he began working for several private companies performing various activities and duties: Accounting Assistant, Internal Auditor and General Accountant. In 1985 he founded and developed his own business JG consultants which consisted of advisors providing their professional services of accounting, finance and tax to companies and businesses.

Risks and adversities present in the middle of a fratricidal war for 12 years (such as that experienced in El Salvador, which started in 1979 and ended with the signing of the peace agreements on January 16,1992) did not prevent Jorge from fulfilling some of his dreams: pursue academic improvement and form a family.

In 1984 he married his wife Blanca Estela, companion and friend for 28 years. They have three children: Rocío Jamileth, Gabriela Alejandra and Jorge Alberto Jr.

Another one of his dreams was to develop his vocation as an artist, a passion that comes from his childhood, inspired by the artistic work done by his grandfather who was one of those bohemian, isolated and mystical characters that exist in families. He was a poet and self-taught painter, whose talent passed unnoticed by the lack of support given to talented artists.
This did not diminish his grandfather’s efforts to reach the laurels of glory and auto completion as an artist, to have won some floral games and local art competitions in Ciudad Arce, a small town located in the Department of La Libertad.
Jorge’s self-taught learning was followed up on a method of drawing published by the Pan American diffuser, text that ultimately would be the only memory and legacy of his grandfather, thus began his world of drawing.

This vocation for the arts would be reencountered later in 1995 when he met maestro Armando Solis, the same painter who in his youth, he longed to meet and be able to attend his classes. This dream became a reality, every weekend and for a period of 2 years he had the opportunity to learn and share knowledge about the arts with the teacher, mentor and friend who, he recalls with respect and admiration as being an icon of the Arts in El Salvador. Mr. Solis was multifaceted because he also distinguished himself as a sculptor engraver, writer, archaeologist and editor of several books. He is one of the outstanding figures of the arts in El Salvador and a worthy representative of Neo impressionism.

This encounter allows Jorge to learn about the theory of color, light and shadow, watercolor and oil painting techniques, as well as to exchange ideas and points of view about art and its representatives. From here emerged the admiration for the work done in spatula and the range of colors that are present in the work of Carlos Garay, who is one of the exponents of landscape in Honduras and Camilo Minero, another master of Salvadoran painting, both friends of Armando Solis, who he met through his work.

About the artistic movements and styles, his admiration is the Renaissance, Baroque, impressionism and post impressionism, surrealism and Neo impressionism. Some Latino artists who have enjoyed his admiration are muralists Diego Rivera of Mexico, Orozco and Pedro de Matheu, Jose Mejia Vides, Camilo Minero, Armando Solis and Carlos Garay.

His first collective exhibition was at La Casona Art Gallery in 1998, in El Salvador with the work titled "Mininos".

During the years of 1999 to May 8, 2000 he painted more than 75 pieces of art work between still lives, landscapes and faces that today are part of private collections of family and friends in El Salvador.

On May 9, 2000, he moved to New York, State which he adopted as his permanent residence, settling in the village of Hempstead with his family with whom he emigrated 12 years ago.

Since his arrival, he was determined to work in his professional career. The opportunity arrived when Mr. Mario Sanchez hired him for his shipping company, The Naviera. Consequently, he later started to work for the accounting and tax firm Lore Frank Accounting Services. In 2001, he was hired by the company Santos Iron Work's Inc., where he worked in the areas of accounting, tax and finance.

In 2009 he decided to resume his professional independence to work in his own company JG Consultant Advisor providing services in business and income tax, also planning and development of projects around culture and art for not for profit organizations.

His interest in the arts is strengthened even more upon his arrival in New York allowing him to visualize that dream of youth. It became a personal hobby to share with family and friends and it also represented an additional career and economic future with which to contribute to the family income.

Meeting with friends who shared a passion for the arts became   source of information to find out the reality and disagreements of the artists, initiatives, and failures around culture and the arts.

This group of multifaceted artists, bohemians and dreamers, one filmmaker and writer, another a painter, sculptor and writer, through  friendship, long gatherings and exchange of ideas and projects, contributed to the definition of his objectives and work plans in the constant search of the "I artist ".

Thanks to the mediation of his friend Gonzalo Guevara, he was introduced to the artistic context in the area, taking part in his first group exhibition on American soil, organized by the Saint Paul Church in Brooklyn, where he participated in the work entitled "Porque la diferencia"-"Why the difference"

The need to find the "I artist", framed him in a constant search for something different that resulted in his work emanating a characteristic that defines his style as an artist. This became a challenge that led him to experiment with texture, work spatula, mixed techniques, color, funds and materials.

The exchange of ideas and healthy criticism with his good friend Gonzalo, motivated him to scan more landscapes and still lives, to find echo in the abstract, mainly in abstract expressionism and the theme. In mid-2003 he was invited to participate in a collective exhibition which was organized by the African American Museum in Hempstead where he participated with 3 oil paintings and a wooden sculpture, made on a plant root found.

Restless ideas motivated by the adversities of life, social and economic context that surrounds it, as well as the frustrations of artist friends who had abandoned their art due to lack of opportunities or censorship, encourages the beginning of a search for alternatives  to wake up a sleeping community indifferent  to the cultural and the artistic.

In 2004, motivated by his friend Gonzalo, he organized his first exhibition in his home-studio to share art work created since his arrival in 2000. Here one of the experiences that would mark and introduce him to partner community activism, was the presence of young Hispanic/Latino students at open studio and to receive the news that one of them had died days later, product of violence on the streets.

This event brings the opportunity to meet artist Jaime Cruz and organize the first formal event. Diego Rios a friend and agent of Real Estate of Colombian origin, made available to us the use of an apartment located in Freeport for the realization of the exhibition titled "QUIXOTES’ ART" where he participated with his friends Gonzalo Guevara and Jaime Cruz.

From this event emerges the initiative of a cultural project and the arts in social function to educate the community and generate opportunities for artists projecting them as models to be followed by the youth. This project was supported by artist Jaime Cruz and was later joined by poet Santiago Miranda thus Ikarus Cultural Program, as a private initiative and commitment to disseminate and promote the Hispanic Latino art throughout Long Island was born. This work has been done since 2005. In February 2000 it was incorporated as a foundation under the laws of the State of New York, assuming the post of President and founding Director.

His life throughout his 12 years in Hempstead is summed up in what he called dreams come true, utopian and quixotic, giving thanks to God, family, friends, fellow artists and this nation for allowing and helping to fulfill them.

The American Dream: Check the academic achievement of his children and family:
Gabriela Alejandra who graduated from Hempstead High School, received the degree of Associate in Business Administration in NCC and also an International Business degree from LI University CW Post.

Jorge Guzman Jr. who graduated from Hempstead High School, received an Associate degree in Business Administration in NCC and is currently studying at Stony Brook University doing his last semester of Business Administration & Finance.

Jamileth Rocio graduated from the University of Life, giving us the joy of bringing into the world two beautiful princesses Mia Alexandra and Alexia June and who are his inspiration in the zenith of his life.

Jorge A. Guzman Artist

Self-taught painter, oil handling techniques, acrylic, watercolor, Chinese ink, mixed media, photo manipulation, has also created some sculptures and installations (Concept Art) and participated in creating murals.

His inspiration is the surrounding context, and family experiences, ideals and vision to shape a message that invites reflection.

He has created more than 300 pieces of art over 12 years in various styles and techniques with which he has participated in 8 solo exhibitions and 103 group exhibitions of which 24 are Boston, Massachusetts and Rhode Island, 79 in Long Island and Manhattan.

Some of his pieces have been selected to illustrate the cover of some books of poets and writers Hispanic-Latino:

• Book cover of "Two guitars and a verse of forgetting martyrs” David Urias 2012
• Book cover of "Dark Nostalgia in Solitude" Santiago Miranda & Illustration-2007
• Book cover of "Hotel Soledad" Gonzalo Guevara-2006
• Cover of 3rd annual awards gala program-National Society of Hispanic MBA-Boston-2005

His work as an artist and cultural promoter has been acknowledged by various elected officials and public institutions on Long Island, as well as internationally:

• Assemblyman Philip Ramos - Citation for his dedication and exemplary work in the community.

• Suffolk County Executive Steven Bellone Certificate of appreciation for-supporting the Development of Latin American Arts and Culture.

• Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone Certificate of appreciation for supporting the artistic self realization of the Individual.

• Town of Hempstead NY-Latino Art Exhibit Curator Citation Annual Celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month display at Hempstead Town Hall

• Town of Hempstead NY-Certificate of Recognition Annual Celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month display at Hempstead Town Hall

• Secretary of Education and Culture of Marinilla, Colombia-Certificate of Participation

• The Inc. Village of Hempstead-Certificate of Recognition - Our Cultural Connections Art Exhibit

• Town of Babylon Supervisor Office of the Steve Bellone, Certificate of Special Recognition-Hispanic Heritage Month.

• Town of Hempstead NY-Latino Art Exhibit Curator Citation Annual Celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month display at Hempstead Town Hall

• Town of Hempstead NY-Certificate of Recognition Annual Celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month display at Hempstead Town Hall

• Senator Brian X. Foley Certificate of Recognition Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration "Heritage, Diversity & Integration" display State Office Building, Hauppauge, NY

• Honored by Nassau County Executive Office, Minority Affairs.  Coordinating Agency for Spanish Americans (CASA), and the Hispanic Heritage Committee.

• Annual Celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month the Town of Hempstead

• 20th Annual Hyde Park Art Association Exhibition, Boston City Hall, Boston MA-Honorable Mention for "Three Muses"

• Annual Celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month the Town of Hempstead.

• The 18Th Annual Hyde Park Art Association Exhibitions Boston City Hall-Honorable Mention for "Violence".

• Multicultural 7th Exhibition - African American Museum Inc. Village of Hempstead, Town of Hempstead Nassau County Legislature-African American Museum.

He is currently an active member of:

• President and Founding Director of Ikarus Gallery Cultural Program, Inc.

• Hyde Park Art Association (HPAA) - Boston Massachusetts.

• Long Beach Art League.

• Chamber of Commerce and Industry of America Long Island

Hempstead Community Benefits
• Executive Board – CBA.
• Hempstead Community Benefits Committee - CBA

As activist and cultural promoter he has created and promoted programs:
• Ikarus Editors
• House of Salvadoran Culture-NY.
• Cultural Exchange among Nations, held in Colombia in 2011.

As a community activist, he has worked with several organizations and is involved in several causes:
• Immigration Legal Service of Long Island
• Independent Salvadoran Committee NY Inc.
• Active 20-30 Club
• Hurricane Ida
• Haiti Earthquake
• Lutheran Church of the Epiphany, Hempstead, NY-Coat Giving Campaign

As an editor, writer and poet, he edited and illustrated the book “Dark Nostalgia in Solitude” of Salvadoran poet Santiago Miranda and is currently working on publishing his own book.

As citizen journalist, he serves as director and editor of the digital newspapers “Ikarus News” and Salvadoran-Long Island Forum.

Translation by Gladys Rodriguez

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