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Missing / Kidnapped woman UPDATE!!

Sent: Wed, Oct 24, 2012 11:27 am
Subject: Long Island NY USA -  Re: Missing / Kidnapped woman UPDATE!!

To all the persons and organizations whom have extended their assistance in the matter of the missing immigrant Marilu Noely Alas Santos;
First and foremost THANK YOU!! It was so great to get your attention and prompt responses offering to assist us in this heartbreaking situation. We were so disheartened by the treatment we had thus far received from the local Salvadoran Consulate in Brentwood New York, USA and by the treatment by those imbeciles that answer the phones at the Embassy in Washington DC, who's name I'd publish but we were refused this information and constantly hung up on, yes, i said hung up on when we'd call, sounds too childish to be the policy of the EMBASSY personnel answering the phones, but that is exactly what happened a total of 6 times. I was calling them on the speaker phone with the missing woman's desperate husband by my side in my office, so he heard first hand the way his Embassy dealt with the tragic situation he finds himself in! He was so saddened by this but we forged on, and we were led by my friend and founder of the Comite Salvadoreño Independiente NY, Mr. Neftali Ernesto Trejo to the former consul general  Mr. Luis Monte Brito who had been assigned to the Brentwood NY office that  was totally ignoring us. He was the one who gave us the contact info to the organizations in El Salvador. I just want you to know that all your responses are greatly appreciated.
So an update to this case: yesterday 10/23/2012 Univision News 41 (channel 6 here in NY) interviewed Luis Fuentes, the husband of the missing woman and her 19 year old sister; whom was en route with the missing woman, but was separated upon arrival here in the US in the McAllen TX. area. the 19year old was taken and held captive in a motel in Alamo TX for 2 nights and 3 days being sexually assaulted, escaping on the 3rd night and finding her way to the authorities. Univision reporter Alex Rolan broadcasted this interview and story on the 6 pm Newscast on Univision. As a result of the coverage and with the cameras rolling the local consul all of the sudden became very interested in this situation' the same that was brought to them on the 12th of September by the missing woman's husband, Luis Fuentes! So I am happy to report that the consulate has now taken the steps towards actually putting in a report and starting a formal investigation.
Also, this morning at 6am Mr. Luis Fuentes the missing woman's husband and I were on the local radio station "La Fiesta 98.5" bringing attention to the continued search for this poor mother of 2 adorable children. We also made it known that we have received such great cooperation from your organizations in El Salvador, the University Centraoamericano Human Rights Group, Cofamide El Salvador, the Ministro de Relaciones del Exteriores, Mr. Ortiz with the newspaper  "The Monitor"  and from our special friend and greatest supporter Rafael Hernandez from the rescue organization "Angeles del Desierto" who has been with us since we began this nightmare! We also made it very clear that the consulate and the Embassy are NOT off the hook for their behavior and that we were sharing this experience of how we had been treated in the hopes that no one else who is searching for a missing loved one does NOT get treated as if they do not matter, from the very people who are employed specifically to help their citizens!!
So, sadly we have not located Marilu Noely Alas Santos, but at least with all the media coverage and your much appreciated assistance we are much closer to getting the attention this should have received from the start!!
Again thanks and let's find this poor mother whos daughter recently turned 2 and she was asking why her mommy hadn't called her to wish her Feliz Cumpleaños!! Lets get her a belated birthday present and bring her mommy home to her !! I am at your service if you need any more information or any questions, please try the office number first since i am usually ALWAYS here!! God bless you all!!!
Cecilia 631-504-6651 office
631-630-1809 cell -

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