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Montano, Martinez battle for 9th District

Montano, Martinez battle for 9th District
Published: September 5, 2013 9:07 PM
"He had 10 years to represent the people, but by working with the Republicans he's kept the community asleep and it's time for the community to wake up and be heard," Martinez said.

Martinez, who came to the United States from El Salvador at age 3, grew up in Brentwood and has been assistant principal at the district's East Middle School for the last three years, and was a teacher in the district for 10 years before that. She says that if elected, she will serve as a committee chairman -- something Montano did not do this year -- and fight for local resource centers to provide after school activities and job training and combat gangs.

Schaffer, who originally said Montano was the county party's candidate, says he is staying out of the race: "I'm not registered to vote in the district, so it doesn't matter who I'm for. A lot has happened in the last few months and the Islip Committee has spoken . . . It is the most spirited race the district has seen in a long time . . . I'm just letting it play out."

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